Mickelson slams PGA Tour for Eastlake setup failure

Phil Mickelson left East Lake slamming PGA Tour officials in letting slip the opportunity to set up this week’s East Lake course akin to this week’s Ryder Cup host venue.

Mickelson left for Minnesota ending with a 4-under 66 and a distant share of 22nd place at 1-over in the final event of the 2015/16 PGA Tour season.

And the normally ‘diplomatic’ Mickelson fired both barrels at the Tour suggesting their setting up of East Lake would not have happened on the European Tour and if he had been competing in Europe the week prior to the Cup showdown.

“I’m going to point something out. This is a great example of the disconnect that we have on the U.S. side because the Tour doesn’t own the Ryder Cup, let’s say, or doesn’t work in conjunction with the PGA of America,” he said.

“The European Tour would never have the setup be so different the week before the Ryder Cup. If we were in Europe and they were going to set up the course a certain way, the week before they would set it up a certain way.”

“We’re not going to have rough like that — this is the worst rough I’ve seen in years. We’re not going to have that rough next week.

“Why the Tour set it up so differently from what we’re going to have next week is a lack of communication and working together.”

“It’s those kinds of details that we have to sort through as a unit to bring out our best.”