Mickelson vs Tiger: Lefty hints at a Vegas rematch

Are Tiger and Phil planning on another match-up soon…well according to Lefty himself the answer is yes.

A not-so cryptic tweet from Mickelson said they are “Working on it” and when pressed further about it further he tweeted, “I don’t tease. I’m kinda a sure thing.”

Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods ahead of The Match in 2018

So I guess we do have something to look forward to after all.

The pair, who have have close to 200 worldwide victories between them, first got together for the winner-take-all “The Match” at the Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas in November 2018 with Phil Mickelson taking home the spoils of victory that day.

And now 15 months later, CNBC reports that not only will we see the two legends of golf returning to the fairways, but this time they could be joined by NFL stars Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

The report suggests that the match could happen as early as May and may be used to help raise money for charities involved with helping those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

It is unlikely that there will be the gaudy piles of cash we saw in the first match-up, which would certainly look out of place as millions around the world struggle just to survive.

The next hurdle for the tournament is the PGA Tour, who will have to sanction the event for it to be able to move forward.

However the signs are encouraging with the Tour saying in a statement: “Discussions along these lines have been ongoing for quite some time, but nothing has been approved by the PGA Tour.”

Let’s hope they’re able to pull it off…there are only so many tournament highlights you can watch.