Nicklaus held up by Masters security guards

It is pretty hard to admonish someone for doing their job properly…and even the great Jack Nicklaus would understand that.

But to be stopped at the gates of Augusta National? Now that’s another thing.

You would have thought the six-time Masters champion would have had his own key to Augusta to start with.

And it was almost comical when The Golden Bear was filming his own arrival at the gates only to be refused entry until he showed some form of identification.

The sheriff manning the gates on the afternoon of the Champions Dinner quickly waved Jack through when he arrived at the famous gates.

They even had a quick exchange about what the likely menu would be for Jordan Spieth’s debut as organiser of that night’s dinner.

But a security guard soon put up the arm and asked to see some admission papers before eventually taking a look at who was in the car and eventually realising just who it was.

Nicklaus showed his badge to the man working the gate.

“Yes sir, I need to scan it,” the security guard said.

“Mine?” asked Jack.

“Yes sir,” the security guard answered, as he reached over to grab Nicklaus’ badge.

To his credit, as soon as he realised who it was, the tone of the conversation quickly changed.

“Oh, how you doing?” said the guard.

He instantly apologised when he realised he was dealing with golfing royalty. And ever the champion that he is, Nicklaus replied, on camera, that the man was just doing his job.

The video ended with a voice in the car asking, “why are they so nice to you?”

He might be only 76, but Jack Nicklaus has well and truly earned that right.