Olympics delay means a win for Evian Championship

Golf and chess haven’t had much in common over the years, however, the world’s golfing tours are beginning to resemble the ancient game as those in power scramble to reschedule the tournaments that have been left decimated in the wake of COVID-19.

While it’s anyone’s guess as to when the world will be back on its feet, it seems from recent discussions that those in charge of the game believe things will begin to kick-off again in the back half of the year.

Evian Championship Evian Championship (Credit: LET)

One of the biggest casualties of the pandemic has of course been the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which were originally slated for August but were finally forced back to 2021 when several countries began threatening to ban their athletes from competing.

So with the Olympics out of the way, the LPGA and the Ladies European Tour have announced that the Evian Championship will be moved into that open slot from August 6-9, which also places it perfectly in the week prior to the Ladies Scottish Open.

“We greatly appreciate the willingness of Franck Riboud, Jacques Bungert and the team at the Evian Championship to move dates and align with our European swing. This adjustment makes for easier travel for players and assists us as we look to reschedule previously postponed events during a crowded summer and fall timeframe,” said LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan.

“Like all our corporate partners, the team at the Evian Championship has always taken great steps to elevate the stage for our athletes. This 2020 schedule shift is yet another example of them supporting our players and our Tours during a very difficult time around the world.”

With the Evian Championship moved back two weeks, the LPGA has freed up space on the schedule that can be used for one of the nine tournaments already cancelled or postponed on the calendar.

Also confirmed is that the ANA Inspiration, another LPGA major, will now be played in mid-September with the Tour hoping to resume tournament play on May 14th at the inaugural Pelican Championship in Florida.

This timeline seems highly doubtful though with just six weeks to go and the US COVID-19 cases rising at a rapid rate.