O’Meara: Nicklaus’ major haul out of reach for Tiger

He is probably regarded as one of Tiger Woods’ closest mates.

And two-time major champion Mark O’Meara is hoping he’s wrong when he suggests winning three more majors might just be out of Woods’ reach – now that he’s in his 40s.

Tiger Woods Woods reached major No.15 at Augusta earlier this year (Credit: PGA Tour)

Mind you, there is nothing O’Meara would enjoy more than watching Tiger win another major and take his tally to 16, just two less than the great Jack Nicklaus.

“Do I think Tiger’s going to catch Jack’s record? Personally, I don’t,” O’Meara told Reuters.

“But I’d love to see it happen. I’d love to see him win another major, get to 16.”

“But three more majors, with the competition as stiff and as good as these players are, it’s going to be very difficult.”

O’Meara won two majors in his 40s, the 1998 Masters and British Open and has earned his own special place in history as the oldest player to have won two majors in the same year.

Yet the veteran American pointed out that the edge that both Tiger and indeed Nicklaus had in their primes was the ability to hit the golf ball further than their rivals.

“When Jack dominated the game, the qualities that made him the greatest player, having the most majors, he had the power, the mind and the heart and those are three elements that Tiger Woods has,” says O’Meara.

“The length that Jack had was a big advantage. Now there are 40-50 guys who hit it past Tiger, so he doesn’t have that advantage anymore.”

“He’s still powerful but everyone’s powerful out there.”

Despite that, O’Meara warned that if Tiger was close to the lead and had a chance to snare another major, then his rivals had better watch out.

“If he gets his nose out front he’s got the experience to usually get the deal done,” said O’Meara.

“I love the kid…he changed my life.”