PGA Tour execs make the way forward very clear

If any player was about to have a go at the PGA Tour about their recent schedule updates, it seems they’d better think twice.

In a recent PGA Tour media conference brought to light by the always entertaining Geoff Shackelford, it was the Tour’s Chief Tournament and Competitions Officer, Andy Pazder, who made it very clear that if you don’t want to play, then you’re free not to turn up.

Andy Pazder Laurence Applebaum and Mary DePaoli with Andy Pazder (Credit: PGA Tour)

“My only experience with anything like this I guess would be the first few tournaments following 9/11. We had players that were uneasy about air travel.”

“That’s one of the beauties of being a PGA TOUR member; you’re an independent contractor. You’re not required to be at any PGA TOUR event,” said Pazder.

“So they have that discretion to play tournaments where they favour the golf course or tournaments in this instance…they may or may not feel comfortable. But that’s an individual player decision.”

It will be interesting to see how how this one pans out. On the one hand the PGA Tour needs its stars to play and on the other hand it needs to get its schedule moving forward to generate some much needed income. Can one happen without the other…I guess we’ll find out soon.