PGA Tour to tweak 2015 FedEx Cup Playoffs

More players could conceivably have a shot at winning the big bucks following the introduction of some changes to the much-lauded FedEx Cup Playoff tournaments for 2015.

In its annual review of the FedEx playoffs system, the PGA Tour has decided to “tweak” the number of points awarded for each of the four.

Tim Finchem Tom Finchem (Credit:Getty Images)

So for next year’s playoffs, the Barclays, Deutsche Bank Championship, BMW Championship and TOUR Championship will award 2,000 points for a victory (500 less than 2014) with all other places being reduced by roughly the same proportion.

“Every year since the FedEx Cup was introduced in 2007, we have reviewed the points structure with the Player Advisory Council and four player/directors who sit on the Policy Board,” explained USPGA Commissioner Tim Finchem.

“We believe this slight modification will add greater significance to players having an outstanding season leading into the Playoffs, while still allowing for the excitement of volatility and movement during the Playoffs, particularly as players vie to make the final 30 for the TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola.”

The proposal was strongly supported by the Player Advisory Council, which advises and consults with the Policy Board and Commissioner on matters affecting PGA TOUR members.

With the change, reset points for the TOUR Championship also have been proportionately reduced to maintain the current scenarios of all 30 players having a chance to win the FedEx Cup, the higher seeds having a significantly greater chance of winning, and the top five seeds being guaranteed the FedEx Cup title with a victory.