Scott heaps praise on major winning Day

Keep golf as your main focus and everything else should fall into place.

That was the sage piece of advice from fellow major winner Adam Scott as he, like most in the golfing world, dissected Jason Day’s magnificent win in the final major of 2015, the US PGA.

Jason Day and Adam Scott Jason Day and Adam Scott after winning the 2013 World Cup at Royal Melbourne Golf Club (Credit: Anthony Powter)

Scott, who scored his maiden major success in the US Masters in 2013, did remind Day that life would change following his win at Whistling Straits – and it was up to him how much.

“One thing for certain is that he is going to have to prioritise aspects of his life and sort it out,” said Scott while contesting the recent Wyndham Championship in North Carolina.

“Knowing Jason as I do, he will not want to rest on his laurels and I hope he sees it as just the beginning of an incredible career.”

Scott expressed a lot of personal pride in his fellow Australian’s gutsy performance to hold off Jordan Spieth all the way through the back nine at the championship layout that has brought so many of the world’s top players to their knees.

“He’s been so close [before] and we saw how much it meant to him when he finished,” said Scott.

“It’s good to see as there are so many guys now throwing their names into the ring and kind of claiming their time.”

“And we’re seeing who the best golfers in this decade are as it’s becoming so clear.”

“Now with his PGA victory Jason’s name is set in stone in winning a major…and good for him.”

“Winning a major in your twenties puts so many opportunities in front of him that ensures he will have a great career.”

Yet Scott, who in some ways is the mentor of this younger breed of Australian-born up-and-coming superstars, would take none of the credit for Day’s major success.

“Certainly his motivation in wanting to capture a first Major was so high, as everyone’s is.”

“But you can see that Jason has pushed himself so hard going into the Majors and just like I felt in winning the Masters, he’s been knocking on the door.”

“Hopefully this victory will be a great thing for his career in that he got over that hurdle fairly early and it frees him up so much.”

“Now any other Major victory will be a bonus for Jason.”