Scott names local caddie on the bag for US Open

A local caddie named Lenny Bummolo will carry Adam Scott’s bag…and his hopes and dreams of a US Open title at Shinnecock Hills this week.

Scott, who had to go through pre-qualifying to continue his extraordinary run of playing in major championships, arrived at this week’s US Open venue and revealed he and regular caddie David Clark had parted ways after last week’s pre-qualifying event.

Adam Scott Adam Scott (Credit: USGA)

Yet the Queensland star revealed Bummolo had worked for him at Shinnecock in the past and knew the place as well as anyone.

“Lenny has been here for so long. He knows the course and the greens so well,” said Scott.

“I really think it’s a valuable move here this week for me stand there and hit it where he says. He’s going to be right more times than me.”

He’s right there, Scott had Bummolo on his bag when he shot a 63 from the championship tees at Shinnecock in 2013.

Naturally he wasn’t too keen to talk about ending his partnership with Clark.

“There’s never good timing for these kinds of things,” he told AAP.

“The player-caddie relationship is an interesting one…I’ve had a few over the years. It’s an intense work environment. It’s a love-and-hate thing.”

“It becomes a revolving door out there and sometimes I have to make selfish decisions.”

Scott also revealed he was now using a new coach as well – his brother-in-law Brad Malone.

“It’s a recent thing, very recent,” Scott said.

“We’ve been communicating a little bit the last few weeks. I feel like it’s a positive thing for my game.”

And Scott’s never-ending battle to sort out his putting continued when he played nine holes at Shinnecock and used a short putter.

Yet he later revealed he would almost certainly switch back to the long putter for the year’s second major championship.

“I just don’t like thinking about it too much. I pick both up and I putt good with both,” he said.