Scott’s flagstick putting causes murmurs at Masters

Let’s not forget you can be threatened with eviction if you so much as run to your seat instead of walking when the gates open at Augusta National.

And in a place where tradition is everything, Augusta’s famous pimento cheese and egg salad sandwiches still cost just $US1.50 and a beer might be only $4.

Adam Scott Adam Scott (Credit: PGA Australia)

So you can understand there were a few disapproving murmurs when Adam Scott had the audacity to putt with the flagstick in during the first round of this year’s US Masters.

Sure, we’ve seen it everywhere since the rules were changed on January 1. But this is the Masters!

So Scott, who has been at the forefront of pros leaving the flag in while they putt lagged his first putt at the first hole to about four feet he actually asked his caddie to put the flag back in as he putted for par – successfully.

“I think I got some murmurs on the first when I had like a 1½ footer and I put the flagstick back in,” said Scott after his first-round 69.

“But until something doesn’t work I’m going to keep leaving it in.”

Augusta National chairman Fred Ridley agreed, well, sort of.

“I don’t have a problem with the rule, but I know one of the motivations was to improve pace of play and hopefully it’s doing that,” said Ridley.