Security guard almost ends Woods’ Masters campaign

It could so easily have ruined the fairytale.

A slip in the mud went within centimetres of wiping out Tiger Woods and his 2019 Masters campaign.

Oh sure, it was an accident when a security guard lost his footing in the mud, slipped and clipped the foot of Tiger Woods shortly after he had played his second shot from the trees on Augusta National’s 14th hole.

The guard clipped Woods right foot and the 2019 champion grimaced and briefly hobbled away before later admitting he was not affected by the freak accident.

“It’s all good. Accidents happen. I’ve had galleries run over me,” said Woods.

“When you play in front of a lot of people, things happen.”

The special agent wasn’t permitted to make comment.

But the poor fellow, with one leg of his trousers covered in mud, did tell one reporter: “I guess it all worked out. Man, I am really glad he made birdie.”