Senden involved in bizarre driver snap at PGA

It was the type of shot most golfers have never seen, let alone experienced.

And it was hard to say who got the biggest shock with Queenslander John Senden’s alleged ‘airswing’ during the first round of last weekend’s Australian PGA Championship.

For those that missed it, the shaft on Senden’s driver snapped mid-swing, causing him to miss the ball completely as the grip broke virtually around his hand.

Actually he was lucky he didn’t damage his wrist or hand during the incident.

Certainly the normally laid-back Senden was visibly shaken by the shaft snapping.

“The actual club broke in the handle coming down into the impact area. Had no chance of actually stopping the shot, so unfortunately that counts as actually one stroke. I was playing two shots off the tee. So, you know, it just happens,” said Senden.

“I’ve seen it happen before to other players, but first time it’s happened to me in a tournament. Unfortunately, it was just the force of it coming down and then snapped right in front of my forefinger on the right hand. So the whole thing was, it was really ‑‑ it actually spooked me a bit.”

And the problem was, after consultation with officials, is that it was deemed a golf swing because he actually did attempt to hit the ball.

Senden then had to use a different club and that would have required the ball to be lowered on the tee, where it still sat, to accommodate the use of a more-lofted club.

Yet he was not allowed to touch or move the ball that was ‘in play’ or he may have been hit with a one-shot penalty.

According to Golf Australia rules official Simon Magdulski, the tee was then deemed to be an immovable obstruction.

That left the Queenslander with two options: simply hit it off the tee as it lay or remove the tee and take a drop.

Eventually Senden was permitted to remove the tee, took a free drop on the tee box and made a bogey.