Singh drops out of Korn Ferry event after criticism

Well that didn’t last long.

It was just a few weeks ago when Vijay Singh ignited a world of controversy after indicating he would play the Korn Ferry Challenge when the Tour gets back underway at TPS Sawgrass on June 11th.

Vijay Singh Vijay Singh (Credit: Anthony Powter)

Several players took to social media to say that Singh, who has won 34 PGA Tour events and is 4th on the all-time money-list, was taking away a spot from a genuine Korn Ferry Tour player.

With the development tour placed into hiatus in March, the US$600,000 event was a welcome chance for those struggling from a loss of income to generate some much needed financial stability.

Chief amongst the critics was Korn Ferry journeyman, Brady Schnell, who took to his Twitter account to voice his disgust before later retracting his outburst.

“Hey @VijaySinghGolf you are a true piece of trash if you except money playing in a Korn Ferry Tour event and I’ll say it right to your face,” tweeted Schnell.

“Do you know how much those points and money could do for a young kid? He’s a complete turd for playing.”

Naturally the tweets generated comments for and against the 57-year-old but none more high-profile than Phil Mickelson, who despite his well-known personal dislike of Singh, agreed that he should be allowed to play anywhere he liked.

“It’s no secret VJ and I aren’t close, but I’d like to say on his behalf that in addition to being a member of the HoF, he’s a big part of the PGA Tour’s success which financially subsidies, and always has, the KFT. He has earned the right to play when and where he wants.”

It seems with just two weeks to go until the Tour restart, Singh has weighed up his options and decided that it was best not to play after all.

So unless he makes it into a PGA Tour event in the meantime, he will have a long wait to tee it up, with the Champions Tour not due to kickoff until July 31st at the The Ally Challenge.