Spieth might be next to turn down Olympic Games

Listening to double Major winning Jordan Spieth it will not come as a surprise if he also joins the throng of top-ranked golfers who elect not to compete in Rio.

Speaking ahead of this week’s $US 9.5m WGC – Bridgestone Invitational the American was very uncertain of playing in Rio de Janeiro in August.

Jordan Spieth Jordan Spieth (Credit: www.golffile.ie)

“I’ve always been excited about the possible opportunity, but there’s quite a few different factors that would turn somebody away from going,” Spieth said. “It’s not just one, there’s quite a few factors.”

“I’ve heard some stories on both sides, and I’m going to get answers soon on how we plan to be secured down there.”

“Transportation is a big security issue down there, how to get from one place to another with the different kind of violence that we don’t see here. And if I feel like there’s any significant threat, then is it worth it? Probably not.”

Spieth said he will wait for more information before he makes his decision. Until then, the Olympics will remain a question mark.

“Obviously it would be great to know either way as soon as possible, but I’ve got some meetings set up pretty soon in the coming days to gather more information,” Spieth said.

“I don’t know if I need to know then or — whenever I know, I’ll certainly announce, because it’s right to announce to Team USA, whichever side it is.”

And despite reports he would be teeing up in a third straight Australian Open later this year, someone seems not to have mentioned this to the Texan.

“What’s the deciding factor? Just by that time kind of how I’m feeling with so many events left this year,” Spieth said.

“If I want an extra break in there at Thanksgiving to come home before going to Tiger’s event or not, or to play three weeks in a row. I’m unsure how I’ll be feeling at that time.”