Spieth pays Masters tribute to Aussie coach

He was the unsung hero of Jordan Spieth’s US Masters success.

Yet Spieth says he owes his Aussie golf coach Cameron McCormick everything he does on a golf course.

Jordan Spieth Jordan Spieth waves to the crowd at the 2015 Masters (Credit: Getty Images)

And McCormick, who learned his golf on Melbourne’s famous sandbelt, still remembers a 12-year-old Spieth waltzing into his Dallas office and telling him he wanted to win the Masters.

Now he has, and there is no-one more thrilled about it than his now US-based coach.

“I knew I was looking at a special 12-year-old the first time we met,” said McCormick.

“Physically, he was your typical kid, but the way he came into my office, stared me square in the eyes and said with perfect nonchalance, “I want to win the Masters”, I’ll never forget that.”

It goes without saying Spieth already had the grounding – had been swinging plastic clubs with great dexterity from the age of three.

It’s said his mother even used those plastic clubs as a ‘lever’ to help toilet train him as a youngster.

McCormick tried his hand at Tour School after playing college golf in Texas.

Like so many of his ilk, he turned to teaching when he twice missed out at Australian Tour School.

The success of Spieth has only served to confirm what the new Masters champion already knew.

“You know, I’ve trusted Cameron since I was, what, 12, turning 13,” said the 21-year-old Spieth.

“I have complete trust in anything he says. He’s my swing coach, putting coach, short game coach, mental coach, everything.”

“I owe everything on the course to him. He’s a very special teacher, somebody who I think is just going to get bigger and bigger.”

“You’re going to see him with a lot of tour players in the future.”