Thomas say sorry about Honda fan over-reaction

Justin Thomas had a fan ejected from the golf for unruly behaviour – and he’s sorry.

The Honda Classic champion made no secret of the fact he had received some negative feedback after he had the abusive fan escorted from the course.

Justin Thomas Justin Thomas following his Honda Classic win (Credit: PGA Tour)

He did speak out against unruly fans at the golf but has since apologised for singling out that one particular spectator for an early exit.

“[I’m] getting a lot of comments on the fan incident,” Thomas wrote on Twitter. “Sorry to any and all offended by it.”

“There was more said as we walked to the tee wishing bad things on the course for myself or Luke [List]. Then the ‘get in the bunker’ comment over and over again.”

“I never want to lose fans, or have people root against me.”

“I just didn’t see a place for that particular person to be yelling at us things that weren’t necessary over and over again. I over-reacted.”

In a later tweet, Thomas admitted he probably should not have had him kicked out.

“I feel bad for it, but was more doing so because again I felt the stuff he was saying was completely unnecessary.”

“I love all my fans and to hear that I’ve lost quite a few because of that, isn’t fun.”

“So I’m sorry to all!”

Obviously all the heckling and hollering at the Phoenix Open a few weeks beforehand must have had fans thinking they could scream and yell as much as they wanted to.

Thomas was well within his rights and let’s hope golf doesn’t degenerate into the noise of a football game…or they’ll start letting off flares during someone’s backswing!