Tiger joins in denouncement of USGA’s Open decision

Former world No 1 Tiger Woods hit the nail right on the head when he joined the masses who have paid out on the USGA’s handling of the penalty that could have cost Dustin Johnson last week’s US Open at Oakmont.

Woods pointed out that the fact nobody knew what was happening affected everyone’s play on that testing back nine.

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods (Credit: www.golffile.ie)

Obviously Johnson was the worst affected and Woods admitted he would have been a fair bit more “feisty” than “DJ” when it came to his handling of the penalty.

“It was awful,” Woods said while attending last weekend’s Quicken Loans event at Congressional.

“Because no one knew what was going on. DJ didn’t know how he stood.”

“The rest of the guys who were ahead of him didn’t understand what was going on.”

“The final group didn’t know what was going on. No one had a clue…no-one understood understood where they stood in the tournament, so that determines what you’re going to do.”

“So much depends on the scenarios and where you stand, and it dictates how you play.”

Woods said the whole scenario, which saw Johnson penalised a stroke after the Open had finished was frustrating to watch how it was handled.

“I think that championship being our national title, and the history behind it, it deserved a better handling of the situation,” he said.

The three-time US Open champion also said he felt that if the rules official in the group had already cleared Johnson of any wrongdoing on the fifth green, then that decision should have been binding.

“I saw guys were making a lot of mistakes coming in,” Woods said, “because it became such an unnerving situation.”

“I didn’t think it was fair to anybody – it wasn’t fair to Dustin, it wasn’t fair to the other players who had a chance. It just wasn’t fair to anyone.”