Trump says PGA Tour would be foolish to drop Doral

Potential USA President Donald Trump said it would be foolish for the Federation of Golf Tour’s, as organisers of the World Golf Championships, to drop Trump Doral from its schedule.

Golf and politics, and more particularly the USA Presidential campaign, are set to clash head-on next week with the staging of the WGC – Cadillac Championship on Trump’s own Trump Doral.

Donald Trump Donald Trump (Credit:

And with Cadillac’s sponsorship of the event to end at the end of next week’s tournament, it is timely that an in-depth interview with Trump appears in this week’s copy of Golf Week magazine wherein Trump was asked, and in a series of 10 questions, had he spoken to the Tour about the status of continuing to host the WGC event.

“No, I haven’t, I really haven’t,” said Trump.

“Look, it’s very expensive for me to have the tournament there, because I have 100% occupancy. It costs me a lot of money. So it they want to move it, that’s up to them.

“I think they would be foolish to want to move it, because it’s the best course in Florida. It’s the best tournament course in Florida, by far, and it’s a big course; it’s got tremendous history. I can’t imagine. They haven’t told me that at all, and I think that they would.

“There’s nothing comparable to Doral. If you’re going to play in Miami, we have massive numbers of rooms, the best location right next door to the airport and we have The Blue Monster, which has gotten phenomenal reviews.

“It’s a brand new course now. But if they did move it, I would make more money.”

Golf Week brought up the timely subject of Trump Turnberry and the likelihood of The Open returning to the Ayrshire course in the foreseeable future.

And it appears the same scenario as with the PGA Tour in that Trump has not been in conversation with Martin Slumbers, the new CEO of the R&A.

“I haven’t been told that at all, no,” said Trump as to whether the R&A had advised Trump on the status of taking golf’s oldest Major back to Turnberry.

“We’re working together with the R&A on the design. We have redesigned it. It’s almost completed. It will be opened in July, and no, I haven’t heard that at all.

“No, I like Martin very much, With Turnberry, many people feel it’s the greatest course in the world, and I think it would be very hard to do something against Turnberry. But if they do, they do. But I know Martin. I think he’s a terrific guy, and he knows how great Turnberry is.

“Turnberry is the players’ favourite course.”