‘Underachiever’ Day believes Williams is the answer

Jason Day has admitted ahead of the US Open that the main reason behind his move to having Steve Williams on his bag was based on his self-diagnosed ‘underachievement’.

The Queenslander pointed to his lone major title at the 2015 PGA Championship as a prime example and his winless results this season.

Jason Day Jason Day wants to add to his sole major win at the 2015 PGA Championship (Credit: www.golffile.ie)

So when ex-Tiger Woods bagman Steve Williams got in touch and had similar things to say about Day’s game it struck a chord with the 31-year-old.

“He thinks that I’m an underachiever. And he wants me to win a lot more tournaments. I think he has the ability to get me through the line a lot more and being able to turn my game around. Because, to be honest, I’m kind of in like a little bit of a mini slump,” said Day.

“I feel like I need to win a lot more. I’m not talking about just regular Tour events. I want to win more majors.”

While a lot of players on Tour would be more than happy with Day’s recent results and the US$2.2 million in prizemoney, it is well below what Day expects from himself.

Last season he claimed two victories and a runner-up to take home just over $5 million in prizemoney and finished 16th on the FedEx Cup leaderboard, however this season he has yet to claim a single win and sits just inside the top 40 in the FedExCup.

There have been chances along the way with four top-5 finishes but the former world number one has yet to be able to convert those results into a victory.

“I think I definitely need to improve my self-talk. That’s what I need to do most, is just slowly keep reinforcing that — whether I’m going to get back to No. 1 in the world or I am a good player,” said Day.

“Hopefully over time that self-reinforcement of positivity will sooner or later go into my golf game and give me confidence. And I’m definitely guilty of that. I’m on the golf course sometimes and I’m thinking negative things.”

Day knows that he needs to work harder on his game and will be looking to Williams’ vast experience to help with that journey.

“To have someone like Steve on the bag is very instrumental in my career with regards to where I want to go and the trajectory I want.”

“I also think that there’s a lot to learn off a guy that’s been out here for a very, very long time, who has caddied for Tiger Woods for 13 years, who caddied for Greg Norman for a lot of years, Raymond Floyd, the list goes on. Adam Scott.”

“These are some tremendous — best players of their generation, of all time.”