Watson reveals burritos as Masters secret weapon

It’s hard to believe this is the secret to mastering the swales and hollows as well as those lightning quick Augusta greens.

Yet it might just be the key to two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson’s Augusta preparation for this year.

And this will knock your socks off…it involves eating one or two burritos a day.

That’s right, Watson appeared on the high-rated Jimmy Fallon Show in the US last week and playfully admitted it might have been the secret to his Masters success.

Simply, he ate one or two burritos a day for 10 days straight before he went on to win his first US Masters in 2012, beating South African Louis Oosthuizen in a playoff.

He finished 50th the following year and returned hell-bent in finding the keys to another Masters success.

“Last year, 2014, my wife [Angie] was there [as well],” Watson said. “I was like ‘I’m going back to the burritos’.

“So I had burritos for another 10 days straight, one or two a day. I won again so I think we’re going to do that again this year.”

And just to prove his point when Fallon produced some burritos the good-natured Watson had no hesitation tucking into them.

“This is great – and they’re free,” grinned the long-hitting 36-year-old.

If he’s at Augusta eating burritos for 10 days in a row, you can be sure of something else…the left-handed superstar will be practicing at the course he loves so much as well.

And Ireland’s Rory McIlroy might be the world’s No.1 player, but when they get to Augusta National, it’s Bubba Watson they’ll all be looking out for.