Ryde-Parramatta: Vibrant and Private

You can’t help it – when you walk into Ryde-Parramatta Golf Club your mood begins to soar. That’s simply because you can feel the energy.

Here is a vibrant clubhouse with members enjoying themselves as well as impressive practice facilities and a course used enthusiastically by beginners, aspiring top-flight players and a sprinkling of golfing tragics as well – a must for every club.

Ryde-Parramatta: Vibrant and private Ryde-Parramatta: Vibrant and private

New members at Ryde-Parramatta are pleasantly surprised by the special qualities at this amazing club.

Here they find a relaxed private club that boasts a charming clubhouse atmosphere and members with a genuine attraction to playing their Ross Watson re-designed championship course.

Unlike so many other championship courses, this layout places special emphasis on accuracy and strategy when playing it.

That means members are able to enjoy their games long after they have stopped booming drives.

Many who have played the Ryde-Parramatta course agree it has become one of the most interesting and challenging layouts around the Sydney basin, with a gently-flowing creek meandering its way into play on most holes.

In addition to the excellent course and ‘alive’ clubhouse, over time the club’s reciprocal arrangements have progressed thoughtfully to now provide members with access to first-class golf courses at several popular New South Wales destinations as well as others in each state of Australia as well as New Zealand.

The club’s PGA members actively promote the involvement of new players and it is now common to see parents and children together enjoying the Sunday afternoon parent and child classes and competitions.

The introduction of these classes is proving a popular attraction for those looking to share some time together on the course.

Membership at Ryde-Parramatta is surprisingly affordable, with monthly payment options available and currently open in most playing categories.

There are substantial discounts available for joining with a partner and if the whole family wants to be involved, the junior membership is also modestly priced.

It’s a golf course that will never bore you, it is normally in first-class condition and with the two-million spent on improving the clubhouse, it is now more than up to scratch with the course, as well.

A balcony overlooks the 10th and 18th greens, the food is first class, the beer is cold and the temptation is to happily spend the rest of your life there.

Maybe you can.

For those interested in the current fee structure, please e-mail the club at gm@rydeparramatta.com.au or telephone (02) 9874 1204 for more details.

It’s the least you could do for your family – and your golf game.