Kerri-Anne: Fashion On The Fairways

Even the flamboyant John Daly might have second thoughts about stepping onto the golf course in a pair of hand-made hot pink and silver, monogrammed golf shoes.

Colourful as he is, he has nothing on the sartorial style of television talk queen, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, on or off the golf course.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Bringing fashion to our fairways

But with a personality as big as Kerri-Anne’s, it’s no surprise she can carry off a bit of golfing glitz and still manage to hold down a pretty respectable handicap.

In fact, Kerri-Anne is no hacker.

At her best she’s played off 14, and at Macquarie Links, where you’ll find her most Saturdays, she’s gathered quite a hoard of the club’s monthly medals.

“Macquarie has the medal so beautifully presented in a little green velvet box. I get a real kick out of receiving one at the annual presentation nights.”

Not that KAK (as she’s known in the television industry) is much bothered by trophies. It’s the way she plays that really matters.

“There’s no question that golf is what I really like doing. I’m pretty stoked if it all goes well, but some days it’s such a mental game,” she said.

On the days that it goes well, it goes really well. Like the time she won the Cypress Invitational at Cypress Lakes in the NSW Hunter Valley with an 11-over par 83.

“There was a black tie dinner that night and I noticed the Silver Salver for the Men’s winner was this beautiful big plate and next to it was this much smaller salver for the girls,” Kerri-Anne recalled.

“So I couldn’t help telling the audience in my acceptance speech that I always thought for men that size doesn’t count,” she laughed.

“I could never have got away with a speech like that at the Australian!”

It’s this self-effacing manner that makes KAK such fun to be around and, more often than not, the life of the party.

She’s well known as someone who can burn the candle at both ends.

That lifestyle and a schedule that includes five two-hour shows a week (Mornings With Kerri-Anne on the Nine Network) along with a host of promotional activities doesn’t seem to leave much room for golf.

“I just make time. I play every Saturday and Sunday on four out of five weekends. Then I try to get in a mid-week game where I can, often by myself,” she said.

“But when you’re tired and thinking about other things, you don’t play your best golf. I prefer it when I can get away for few days, have a good sleep and enjoy the company of nice people. That’s when I play well.”

Kerri-Anne only took up golf seriously about 12 years ago despite having a father who was a scratch golfer for most of his life.

“He always had a really beautiful, relaxed swing, and when I did eventually take up the game I might have received that as a tip from him,” Kerri-Anne said.

“But some days I can still swing it like a big, bloody axe!”

Lucky enough to be invited to many pro-ams, Kerri-Anne recently found herself playing in the warm-up round of the J.B. Were Masters and sharing the course with Tiger Woods.

“I caught a glimpse of him across the fairway, but I spent most of my time in the bunkers – every bunker,” she said.

“By the end of the round my partnering professional said the me ‘the only good thing is that you could give most of the touring pros a lesson in bunker shots’. Practice makes perfect they say.”

And the best day she’s ever had on a golf course?

“At Pacific Dunes at Nelson Bay, a day when I just couldn’t miss a putt. I was dropping them from everywhere. And at the end of the day, golf is all about putting and the short game.”

And for Kerri-Anne it’s also about enjoying herself, hence the hot pink golf shoes.

“I found this website where you can design your own shoes. I couldn’t resist going all out. It’s just a bit of fun,” she said.

  • Name: Kerri-Anne Kennerley
  • Member: The Australian Golf Club, Macquarie Links Golf Club
  • Handicap: 18
  • Favourite Club: Callaway Razr hybrids